Oh great…just when I thought my bad luck has finally ran out, my freaking battery back up power supply dies on me. This is on top of my bad luck at work, at home, with my health, etc. It really hasn’t been a good month for me…please let this bad luck end soon…

Otherwise known as GDC…first Nerds Con now Geeks Con…I’m all “Con”-ned out… There were some neat demo’s and stuff…but the best part of the show is still Gentle Giant’s booth which showcased one of the creatures from Secret Level’s upcoming title, “Golden Axe”. The name of the beast is “Krommath” and here’s a pix of it:


GG did an awesome job sculpting it.

Here’s a pix of Secret Level’s recruiting area (who is that on the leftside of the pix? could it be Iron Man?!):


Here’s a random pix of some cool character designs at some random booth I randomly walked by:


I probably should’ve taken more pix but got too lazy. I’m in such a geeky industry…in a good way… 🙂

(this post was delayed by my power supply meltdown incident…)

If he/she exists…just when I thought nothing can go wrong, my computer’s power supply makes a pop sound and dies on me this morning. Piece of crap! Anyways, I had to go buy a new power supply and replace the old, loud-ass one. 😛

I just now realized that the monitor I’m using now is the same one when I was working at Illusions Gaming (RIP)… :-O I guess that makes it about 8+ years old…haha…

Go check out Secret Level’s booth! Maybe get a job while you’re there…you bum! 🙂

Also, check out Gentle Giant’s booth as well. They will have a cool-looking sculpture of one of the creatures from the upcoming Golden Axe game from Secret Level and Sega. Not sure how to describe it except it’s sorta like a reboot/remake/reloaded/regurgitation/etc of the original Golden Axe game…should be cool if you know what I mean… 😉



This is some quick sketch I did at Legion of Honor museum in SF (http://www.thinker.org/legion/). I like the profile of the sculpture’s face so I sketched it.